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Xirius Soft Large

200 Series
Soft Fixed Downlight

Xicato Inside
Alphaled exclusively uses Xicato technology

Up to 5000 lumens 

Colour Rendering
Available with Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant colour options

ø235mm ceiling cutout
Alphaled fast fix fixing mechanism for 1-25mm thick ceilings

No noticeable colour shift and a maximum of 5% lumen loss across the installation after 5 years (L70/B0 at 50,000 hours)

Standard 5-year limited warranty for complete assembly


The Xirius Soft Large is a high-performance soft fixed LED downlight for high-ceiling applications.  Designed with a deep-set, soft reflector, the luminaire provides enhanced glare control and leading performance. Delivering up to 5000 lumens, the luminaire is an optimal replacement for metal halide lighting systems. Easy to install with a special “fast fix” mechanism, the luminaire offers a choice of outputs, beam angles, colour rendering options, and accessories, making it ideal for commercial, residential or hospitality environments.


Output (nominal lumens)
Colour Rendering
Colour and Temperature
Optics (nominal distribution)
Trim Finish
Trim Shape

Featured Projects

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 Shopping Centre

 Office Space

  Methodist Church

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